Friday, October 8, 2010


With a new baby and homeschooling in session, many mornings require a quicker breakfast option than pancakes and eggs! :) We've been eating toast from homemade bread, sprouted grain (Ezekiel brand) cereals, or homemade granola for breakfast a lot more often lately! I found a link that was helpful and thought I might share it. I love having granola in the makes for a quick breakfast or a great, filling snack. Some days, it's the only thing I can get eaten before supper!

Granola Recipes

I would alter the recipes some so as not to use brown sugar or wheat germ, and I probably wouldn't buy the sweetened foods but it's a good place to start!

My friend Sarah Farnsworth gave me my favorite granola recipe so far...oats, cinnamon (plenty), raisins, raw pumpkin seeds, and a little maple syrup...yum! Thanks, Sarah!