Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Notes

The Azure order deadline is this Thursday for locals! The group is getting so big that we had to move our drop spot! We are now code number 525629 which is the parking lot of First Family Church's new building on SE Magazine.

I accidentally ordered unrefined coconut oil last month and it tastes like coconut! If you prefer a neutral flavor (like me!), I suggest the refined coconut oil. I'm trying Wilderness Naturals this month because I think it's cheaper.

On the Azure website, check "Specials" then "Produce" for this month's produce. Sometimes, you can find organic produce for cheaper than grocery store non-organic produce.

Irene,, has all kinds of meat and eggs that she delivers right to your house! We've been getting delicious eggs for a long time ($3/dozen), and this time, I got some boneless chicken breast too.

I highly recommend viewing "Food, Inc." We ordered it on Netflix, but I'm assuming it's in rental stores too. I'm not saying that I agree with absolutely everything on there, but it's eye-opening and it was fun to show my husband since he will never be interested in reading about this stuff! :)


  1. I've tried e-mailing you and they keep coming back to me - must not have your most current address. Could I get your local contact for honey? I'm nearly out and would like to avoid buying it at Costco/Hy-vee etc.

    Carrie Stephens