Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Comment : Different Viewpoints

It seems that every few months, I tweak something in our diet because of something I learned. For instance, before the diet, we drank AE milk. After the initial research, we switched to raw milk. Then, we quit that (apparently, it's illegal to sell in Iowa) and drank VAT pasteurized organic whole milk. Lately, we've cut dairy almost completely out of our diet because of the pasteurization involved and some skin problems our boys were having and switched to almond milk or coconut milk. Who knows what we will be doing with this next year!

Even among organic, whole foods advocates, there are some differing views. I'm am so far from being an expert; I know so very little. Also, some bodies are going to react differently to some foods because of how we are already messed up from our previous diets.

So it's okay if we have different viewpoints on anything or even everything! I will probably learn more from you than you from me!


  1. So what were you using to make butter? Do you still do that?

  2. Butter is easy to make, if you have the right machine. Just heavy cream and a good mixer. It can be done in the KitchenAid, but takes quite a while.

  3. I used to make it in a food processor which worked great. It's a messy job. It's difficult to do with kids around because your hands are so greasy that you can't help them much! If you buy organic butter in bulk from Azure Standard, it's not too much more expensive.

    When I made it, I bought organic cream from The Pickett Fence Creamery near Granger.

    It is a good thing to experience though! :) It's crazy how it works!

  4. Have you looked into Spelt?? It is the ancient form of wheat and probably as close the Bread Jesus wants us to physically eat. You can get if rom Azure too! YOu do have to learn how to cook with it as it is a little different than modern wheat.

  5. Yes, I've done a lot of baking with spelt...yummy. It's more expensive than wheat, which is why I mostly stick with wheat.

    If it's okay, I think we'll avoid using the word "should" on this blog, as we don't have any direct commands from Christ as to what we are to eat. It's not what goes into a man that makes him unclean but what is in his heart. You may not have meant it that way at all, but I just want to be sure we keep a tone of gentleness and acceptance here, as that is most definitely the way of Jesus!