Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's for Breakfast?

I'll share some delicious breakfast recipes later but here is some simple stuff to get started. I will not pass judgment on those who eat breakfast cereals, but you may want to know that they (even "healthy" ones!) are listed as the second-deadliest food in the American diet in Nourishing Traditions, with pop being the first. This could just be the author's opinion though, so I'm not stating it as fact!

We usually have a protein and a carb for breakfast to keep us full until lunch time. However, a lot of people are fine with one or the other, so maybe this is just what we've gotten used to doing! Also, the Ezekiel products are a complete protein because of the combination of grains that are used. See Ezekiel 4:9 to be encouraged that God cares for his people and was so clever in creating foods!

Carb Ideas:
1. Ezekiel or homeade bread, toasted with butter
2. Ezekiel cinnamon raisin or homeade cinnamon raisin bread, toasted with butter
3. Leftover rolls or other bread products
4. Oatmeal with real maple syrup and milk or coconut milk
5. Ezekiel brand makes some cereals (expensive though!) that are actually healthy. The only one we like is Cinnamon Raisin, but there are four varieties. I like to keep one box in the cupboard for emergencies. Eat with milk or coconut milk.

Protein Ideas:

1. Scrambled eggs - Start by melting butter then add eggs. You can scramble them right in the pan with a fork then add a little milk or almond milk to make them fluffier. One of my favorite foods is to first cook diced sweet potatoes in the butter and then add the rest.
2. Bacon or turkey bacon with no nitrates or nitrites.
3. Put peanut butter on your toast.
4. Target and Hy-Vee sell an apple chicken sausage or something similar that's made with maple syrup.

French toast! Scramble two eggs per person in a small dish. Add milk or coconut milk, sea salt, and vanilla (without sugars in it). Cook on an electric skillet and sprinkle with cinnamon before flipping. Once you get a system, this is almost easier to make than anything else. Top with butter and real maple syrup. (I mix it with water so my boys can dunk it without getting to much sweetener!)

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